>cuz school sucks >:0Oushitsu Kyoshi Haine or The Royal TutorThis anime mainly consists of Heine helping the four princes; Leo, Kai, Bruno, và Licht thoughout their daily lives as well as helping them prepare for the fact that one day one of them will be king. But what if...Heine Wittgenstein, a man often mistaken for a small child, and will be summoned to the royal palace of Glanzreich by the king khổng lồ act as the royal tutor lớn the four younger princes into capable candidates khổng lồ the throne,Has a daughter?!She is a very mysterious & smart girl like the royal tutor, which her hair is pink as a peach & eyes blue lượt thích the sky where the sun is about to lớn rise.If they find her & Heine"s task difficult because of the complicated personalities of their charges, who had managed to cause every tutor they had to lớn quit, The king also wished her as Heine"s helping companion as he grooms the princes, she will also fullfill His Majesty"s task along her father"s side. Will she ever succeed as a young girl who helps a responsible task that the king trusted on them?..Disclaimer:I don"t own the anime, the photos, và some songs that I"ve put in my fanfic. I only own my OCPublished in: Oct. 2020Uploads on Thursdays!!…

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Escape from Richard Lycra


30 0 5

Full of mystery and excitement, tells the story of a maid whom hates her mistress và wants khổng lồ get away only to lớn get a big surprise!…


Drawing challenges


694 27 7

This book is about u guys ask for a challenge of drawing anything! (warning: better not be anything disgusting or inappropriate! Thank you!!!)…


The King"s Secret Heine x Viktor The royal Tutor


8,745 291 11

Victor has been acting strangely since Heine hasn"t been feeling well. The princes are about to lớn find out why. HeinexViktor pairing sickHeine…


Reincarnated in The Royal Tutor?!


73,189 3,280 18

He died a normal death at the young age of seventeen và that was it. However, it seems that fate has other plans for one Edward von Granzreich. "Fuck you, Eins. How are you always so damn good at everything?!""Language, Edward."I can"t believe I have lớn say this but I don"t own The Royal Tutor. The series belongs to lớn the manga artist Higasa Akai. Cover by STMinecraftFanGirl…


A Princess in Disguise - The Royal Tutor FanFiction


38,022 1,028 đôi mươi

Princess Maria von Weinstein ran away from trang chủ at the age of 13 & became the servant for the Granzreich family. She has been there for 3 years & in that time she has fallen in love with the 2nd prince, Kai van Granzreich.What will happen now that a new royal tutor had come lớn the kingdom lớn help get the princes ready for the throne? Will her secret get found out quicker than she wanted it khổng lồ be? Will this royal tutor be the cause of her secret coming out? Or will she tell them herself?Also I do not own The Royal Tutor or it"s characters, I only own the OC"s that I made to go along with the story.Under editing - ❌ (Will change to lớn a check mark once editing is done)…

You"re currently walking to the castle, you"re a princess và coming khổng lồ meet your friends again Leonard, Kai, Licht, & Bruno. You"re short and people tease you for it often, including the princes. You walk near & enter the castle you creek the door open there they were..…

☆Unlock His Gold Fragile Heart☆(OKH Fanfiction)


6,492 145 5

A Fanfiction Of Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine (The Royal Tutor) **Slow Update**Credits for: imawashi…

Royal Pain in the Ass | Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine x Reader


56,814 1,475 15

One day your maid came to lớn you with a letter, a seal from the royal family was pressed on the back to keep it from opening. After she left you opened it. In a beautiful handwriting was carefully explained what was going to lớn happen, although it definitely didn"t prepare you for what was going to happen.---------------------------Art is not mine, credit goes to lớn it"s respectful owner----------------------------I bởi not own Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine or any of the characters portrayed in the anime. I do however own Y/N and her story---------------------------…

I Reincarnated In Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine


47,714 1,593 15

Yeah, another reincarnation story. I really hooked into reincarnation. Anyway this story is just another short stories beside Your Listener. Basically, this story doesn"t had anything to vì with the throne. Just read it, I"m not good with words.…

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The Royal Tutor: Bruno"s Desert Jewel


13,012 413 7

Only a few days away by carriage is the Kingdom of Arabay, a beautiful kingdom in the desert of colors và flavors. Princess Charvi is the only daughter at 16 years old & Bruno"s fiancée. Charvi is the most beautiful girl in her kingdom & with seven older brothers & three younger brothers it"s hard for Bruno khổng lồ have quality time with his future bride so he has to sneak into her room at night và talk to lớn her.…

Royal Tutor or Lady Royal?


1,998 58 5

A story about a mysterious young lady who suddenly becomes tutor of 4 princes.along with Heine she teaches art,social studies and material arts.she has an strange relationship with King Viktor,their father which,takes the attention of eldest prince,Eins.…

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine Reader Insert (DISCONTINUED)


25,880 722 4

(Y/n) Wittgenstein,a 19 years old girl who works at the Weissburg Palace as a royal teacher with her older brother,Heine Wittgenstein.Now,both of them have a duty to lớn fulfill.Which is to teach the four princes khổng lồ fit the throne.(Y/n) is quite a mysterious person just lượt thích her brother.She may look nice but she have many secrets hidden under her sleeves…

Field Trip khổng lồ Weisburg Palace! (AC and TRT Crossover)


1,780 60 6

A poison gone wrong sends six students along with the octopus teacher in a wacky historical field trip involving four princes who strive khổng lồ surpass their elder brother with the help of a tutor who looks lượt thích a child but is a full grown adult. Will our six assassins return khổng lồ their time period before March, or will the world over 200 years too early?Disclaimer: The Royal Tutor and Assassination Classroom belong to lớn their respective authors. I only own the plot of this story & the cover.…

(ON HOLD) Royalty


(SLOW UPDATE)Tsuna had read about rebirth from a book before ...somewhere but never would he thought that he would actually experience that with his memories fully intact.WARNINGS!* OOCs* Possibly wrong Grammars & SpellingsDISCLAIMER!# I vì NOT OWN KHR và OKH (/The Royal Tutor) ## KHR belongs lớn Amano Akira ## OKH belongs lớn Akai Higasa #…

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine || One-Shots || x reader


19,820 501 7

One-shots with random males in Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine. 1st One Shot: Reward 2nd One Shot: Sorry 3rd One Shot: Frienemy 4th One Shot: Because I Love You 5th One Shot: Soft and Cute, like You 6th One Shot: Falling In Love Highest Rankings: • 09.20.18 #3 in theroyaltutor• 05.03.19 #2 in oushitsukyoushihaine…

I"m Reincarnated in Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine?!


27,240 688 15

Imagine what would happen if you died and remember waking up into another world with only your memories of the past as your guide? Now take that scenario and apply it lớn a world you"re very familiar with, but you"ll have khổng lồ start all the way from ground one. What"s it lượt thích to be reborn as a character in the story & re-enact the story that your favorite characters go through, but from the very beginning mix off-stage away from any prying eyes?This exact same scenario happened lớn one girl who died by drowning in the sea. She wakes up to only find that she is reborn into another world, given a second chance khổng lồ live her life the way she"s supposed to have in her first one. Join her adventures as she discovers what lies beyond the curtains of a certain world that she"s known & loved since the beginning.…

Better Left Unsaid


43,443 1,773 22

A Royal Tutor FicSo, I totally ship Heine & Victor.So this is a fic about them keeping it a secret as Heine continues being the tutor. Of course, they know there"s a lot of risk to actually act on anything so expect a lot of sexual tension và the princes questioning what"s happening…

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine: The Reincarnated Prince.


100,601 3,886 8

He never expected to lớn die. (Well, he had an inkling some people would eventually assassinate him out of jealousy for his success in life). Và he also never expected to reincarnated into a baby. A prince to be exact. In a world that is awfully similar to lớn the anime Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine which he just finished watching. Unexpected outcomes....However, its his new life nonetheless. With an already mature adult brain from his previous life, a calm mature personality since birth, wouldn"t he make a pretty good prince? But he rather relax và be the bystander while being prepared for the "just in case" After all, he is now the 2nd prince of Glanzreich, Lumier von glanzreich.___________________________________________________________DISCLAIMER: I vị NOT OWN OKH OR ANY VIDEOS and IMAGES I MAY USE.…

A Truthful Heart ✨|| Royal Tutor Fanfic||✨


2,483 83 4

"Time does not change us, it unfolds us." She said as she tightened her hold in the prince"s hands. "So please, let me get to lớn know the real you so I can help you not only as the royal assistant but as your companion. You"re highness." ~~~~~~~~~~~Lucienne Wittgenstein is the daughter of Heine Wittgenstein & the assistant of the Royal Tutor. When a letter from the king of Granzreich is delivered khổng lồ the Wittgensteins asking for them to groom the four young princes. Lucienne definitely knows that this will bound lớn get interesting. Cover by: