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Nam nhị Buddha – quan Am Phat dai is a spiritual tourist destination with the colors of Buddhist culture, not only peopleIndigenous people that tourists from all over the world also come to visit và worship. Traveling to lớn Bac Lieu, visitors will hear about the legend of Bodhisattva Guan Yin (known as Nam nhị Mother) & understand more strange things as well as the sacredness of quan liêu The Am.

ByThomas Vietnamatgiatri.edu.vn|Official Bac Lieu Visitor Guide

1. Better khổng lồ Know as a Tourist


Spend-time:Oneand a half hour (approx)

Hours:Dawn – dusk



Parking lot:Yes

Blog: https://giatri.edu.vn/buddha-temple-ba-nam-hai-bac-lieu/

Address:Located in the West ngân hàng Hamlet, Nha Mat Ward, 8 km from Bac Lieu thành phố (facing the East Sea)

Added values: The statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara serves the religious needs of a large number of compatriots & mariners in the area và is a lighthouse for offshore fishing boats. In the life of the people here, especially the fishermen who live by seafaring, Mother quan The Am – phái nam Hai’s mother is the one who always listens khổng lồ the uncertainties, sufferings & protects against all the storms of peoples’ life both onshore và at sea. The reverence và reverence of the indigenous people và Buddhists near and far are increasingly permeated in all living situations và that is a firm và sacred belief in their lives. The inspiration of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara became the inspiration for countless miracle stories with the image of a mother holding a jar of nectar lớn save sentient beings, planting in the hearts of children of the sea & Buddhists near and far of salvation, boundless compassion.

Nearby attractions & hidden gems:Looking for places to stop on your way to and fromBuddha Temple bố Nam Hai? Ghositaram pagoda (15 km), Xiem Can Pagoda (11 km), Cong Tu Bac Lieu House (11 km), Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary(7 km), Tac Say Church (47 km), Bac Lieu market (11 km)…

2. Travel Guide toBuddha Temple tía Nam Hai

At first, quan tiền Am Phat dai in Bac Lieu was a simple thatched house to lớn worship Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. It is located in a small coastal area, surrounded by mud & mangrove forests. Legend has it that this temple was established lớn pray for the safety of seafarers. May the Buddha bless the people fishing far from the shore khổng lồ return home safely.

In 1973, Venerable Thich Tri Duc came here, realized the sacredness of this place, so he built it into a more spacious temple. The Venerable Master built an 11m high quan The Am Bo Tat (Not counting the statue’s pedestal) with a view of the sea. The statue was built in 2 years and completed in 1975.

At the time of construction, the Nam hai Buddha statue was placed close khổng lồ the sea; Every time the tide rises, the sea water overflows, sometimes flooding the base. Over the years, due to lớn the accretion of nature;The location of the monument is now located nearly a kilometer from the sea. The statue of quan Am with soft, holy, & benevolent features gives visitors a warm and peaceful feeling when admired. Standing in front of the statue of Buddha burning incense & sincerely praying for good things for their families & relatives, visitors will find their souls at peace, serenity, all worries and sorrows lượt thích disappearing.

In 2004, the local government granted permission khổng lồ expand the temple further. People from all over the world come khổng lồ visit phái nam Hai’s mother temple and have donated money khổng lồ expand the temple further. In 2005, the works were constructed in turn, including: Tam quan tiền gate, Thien Thu Thien Nhan temple, & Dia Tang temple. & some side projects.

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Quan Am Phat dai has a spacious và airy space with sea breeze blowing in. Stepping through the three-way gate is the gate of heaven, followed by the majestic Hang Long – Phuc Ho screen. Adjacent khổng lồ the screen is a large hall with a banner up khổng lồ 49 meters high. From here, visitors can see the statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara sitting on a lotus, flanked by Thien Phu and Dia Tang temples. In front of the ceremony yard is a screen of Phuc Ho and 32 incarnations of Bodhisattvas. All harmonize khổng lồ create a majestic and dignified cultural space.

Quan Am Palace is a large row of houses located lớn the left of the statue of Buddha, seen from the inside to lớn the gate. Quan Am Palace was built in the architectural style of ancient Vietnamese pagodas. To the right of the Nam nhị Buddha statue, also in the direction of the view from the inside to lớn the gate is the Dia Tang Palace.

Prominent here is quan lại Am mountain built in front of the statue of Buddha which is facing the sea. Quan liêu Am Mountain is a bold Buddhist architectural work. In the heart of the mountain is a great hall, recreating the history of the Buddha preaching the Dharma Flower Sutra at Mount Ky-sa-quat (India).

3. What to vày –See – Eat atBuddha Temple tía Nam Hai

On the 22nd, 23rd and 24th day of the third lunar month every year; This place is often used to lớn organize the quan lại Am Nam hai festival. This is one of the biggest Buddhist festivals of Bac Lieu province. With unique cultural values, the attraction from spiritual and cultural activities, the festival is considered as one of the important highlights of Bac Lieu tourism.

The festival attracts a large number of Buddhist temples, tourists, monks & nuns & people from all over the world making pilgrimages khổng lồ the Bac Lieu estuary to immerse themselves in a very special spiritual & festive space such as: sermons, flower offerings, flower lights lớn worship Buddha, procession of quan tiền Am, lion dance, rồng dance, art…

Nam nhì Quan Am Festival is a festival with a strong national religious identity, but also contains many colors of Southern local culture, which has been established and developed for a long time in this land as afestival of culture, belief và folklore to lớn meet the socio-cultural needs và spiritual life of the people.

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