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KIỂM TRA 45 PHÚT Môn: TIẾNG ANH – LỚP 6 (Unit 9,10,11)S1I.

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Chọn từ không thuộc nhóm với các từ còn lại. (1 điểm)1. A. TallB. FatC. ThinD. Water2. A. BananaB. BreadC. AppleD. Orange3. A.sheB. TheyC. YouD. Him4. A. WantB. NeedC. WouldD. Like5. A. RiceB. WhatC. WhoD. WhereII. Chọn giải đáp đúng. (2 điểm)1. _____ her hair long?A. Does B. Vày C. Is D. Are2. What color______ your shoes? A. Is B. Are C. Does D. Do3. Businessmen often shake _______ when they first meet.A. Hands B. ArmsC. FingersD. Toes4. ______ are very generous. A. Them B. They C. Their D. There5. - A: _______ - B: They are watching television.A. Who are they?B. What vì they do?C. What are they doing?D. How are they?6. It’s a good idea to lớn drink_______ juice between meals.A. SomeB. TheseC.anD. Any7. Don’t forget lớn buy five ______ of bread!A. BottlesB. LoavesC. CansD. Bars8. What would you like ______ lunch? A. For B. During C. Over D. On9. - A: _____ vì you have breakfast?- B: At 6 a.mA. What timeB. WhyC. HowD. What10. In a restaurant, the waiter or waitress take your______.A. MenuB. OrderC. ServiceD. CoursesIII. Đọc đoạn văn sau và chọn giải đáp đúng. (3 điểm)Maria doesn’t usually eat breakfast. She just has a cup of coffee. She doesn’t eat anything until about eleven o’clock. Then she has a biscuit & a glass of milk. For lunch she usually has a salad. That’s at about two o’clock. She has dinner at about 6.30. She’s a vegetarian, so she doesn’t eat meat or fish. She eats cheese & eggs và things like that. She has a glass of water or fruit juice with her meal. On the weekend she usually goes to a restaurant in the evening. She can get vegetarian meals in a lot of restaurants & pubs now. She likes Indian food because it has a lot of things for vegetarians.1. Maria drinks _____ in the morning.A. A glass of mineral waterB. A cup of coffeeC. A cup of teaD. A glass of orange juice2. She has a salad for _____ .A. BreakfastB. LunchC. DinnerD. B & C3. She eats _____ .A. Fish B. Beef C. Pork D. Vegetables4. On the weekend she usually ______ .A. Cooks dinners for her familyB. Has a big lunchC. Has dinner at a restaurantD. Goes khổng lồ the pub with some of her friends.5. She likes Indian food because ______ .A. It is very cheapB. It is spicyC. It is good for her healthD. It has many things for vegetariansIV. Đọc đoạn văn sau và nhận định và đánh giá những phạt biểu dưới là đúng (True) xuất xắc sai (False) hay không được nói tới (Not given). (2 điểm)My name’s Helen và my husband’s name is Peter. We’ve got three children: two sons & a daughter. Our sons’ names are Ian & Ben. They’re twins, but they aren’t identical. Ian’s got dark hair, but Ben’s hair is fair. Our daughter’s name’s Tracy. She’s eight years old. The boys are four.My father’s name is Frank và my mother’s name is Maureen. I’ve got two younger brothers, called Adam & Bobby. Adam is married. His wife’s name is Ulrike. She’s from Sweden và she’s got long, blond hair. They’ve got a baby daughter called Anna. So my parents have got four grandchildren: two grandsons and two granddaughters.My husband’s got an older sister, but he hasn’t got any brothers. His sister’s name is Millie. She’s still single.1. Frank is Ben’s grandfather.A. TrueB. FalseC. Not given2. Peter’s daughter has got đen hair.3. Adam is Bobby’s brother.4. Millie hasn’t got a husband.5. Bobby is married.6. Peter hasn’t got any sisters.7. Frank and Maureen’s granddaughters are twins.8. Ben’s brother has got dark hair.V. Dùng những mệnh đề cho sẵn điền vào chỗ trống tương thích để hoàn thành đoạn hội thoại. (2 điểm)- Is she making fish & rice?- Mom cooks the best chicken noodles.- No, she isn"t.- She"s cooking dinner.1. Huong: Hi, Phuong. Where’s Mom?Phuong: She’s in the kitchen.Huong: What’s she doing?Phuong: 2. Huong: Great! 3. Phuong: 4. Huong: Oh, too bad.Fish is my favorite. What’s she making?Phuong: Chicken noodles. Huong: It sounds good! KIỂM TRA 45 PHÚT Môn: TIẾNG ANH – LỚP 6 (Unit 9,10,11)S2I. Lựa chọn từ bao gồm phần gạch chân được phát âm khác so với những từ còn lại. (1 điểm)1. A. capitalB. countryC. VacationD. city2. A. FarmB. BarC. TallD. Car3. A. FingerB. LipC. LightD. Thin4.A. BreakfastB. SeatC. eatD. TeachII. Chọn câu trả lời đúng. (3 điểm)1. He feels tired. He wants _____.A. Going bed.B. Lớn go to lớn bed.C. To lớn go to lớn the bed.D. Go bed.2. Bobby ______ big xanh eyes. A. Is B. Are C. Have D. Has3. Which sentence is correct ?A. Have you got any pencils?B. Do you have any pencils?C. You have any pencils? D. A và B4. My grandfather ______ TV every night.A. WatchesB. WatchC. Is watchingD. Are watching5. There are some tall trees in front ______ my house. A. In B. Of C.

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At D. On6. Phong buys small- sized shoes. His ______ are small.A. FingersB. EyesC. HandsD. Feet7. Akiko ______ the guitar now.A. PlaysB. PlayingC. Is playingD. Are playing8. Is there _______ tea left?A. The B. A C. Some D. Any9. _____ is a popular drink. It’s dark and rather sweet.A. Orange juiceB. Mineral waterC. ColaD. Lemonade10. Put these sentences in the correct order lớn make a conversation.a. Good evening. A table for four?b. Here it is. Would you lượt thích a drink?c. Thanks. Can we see the menu?d. This way, please. Over here.e. Yes, three Pepsis and an orange juice, please.A. A-d-c-b-eB. E-c-a-b-dC. D-b-a-c-eD. C-e-d-b-aIII. Đọc đoạn văn sau cùng chọn đáp án đúng. (1,5 điểm)Has, brown, hair, a, isVy is (1) gymnast. She (2) thin & light. She (3) a round face and short đen (4) . She has (5) eyes và a small nose. She is very strong.IV. Điền từ thích hợp vào khu vực trống. (2 điểm)Lan is our classmate. She comes (1) Nha Trang. She is (2) class 7A. She is thirteen (3) old. Her parents (4) in Nha Trang. Now she’s living (5) her aunt and uncle in hcm city. Her house is (6) from school. So, she usually goes khổng lồ school (7) bus. Sometimes, her aunt takes her to lớn school by car. She doesn’t have (8) friends. So she feels sad.V. Phụ thuộc vào từ gợi ý viết thành câu trả chỉnh. (2,5 điểm)1. Lan / Ly / go / bookstore / buy / books / now / .2. I / not lượt thích / winter / because / it / very cold / .3. Many plants / animals / danger / because / we / destroying / them / .4. Cha / usually / play tennis / fall / but / sometimes / sailing /.5. Hoa / often spend / spare time / read books / own room / .KIỂM TRA 45 PHÚT Môn: TIẾNG ANH – LỚP 6 (Unit 9,10,11)S31. A : ______ B : She has five pens.A. Are those her pens?B. Are her pens expensive?C. How many pens does she have?D. What are these?2. I often watch TV ______ night.A. On B. In C. For D. At3. My mother ______ an oval face. A. Is B. Does C. Has D. Can4. A : _______ B : No, I’m not.A. What vì you do?B. How are you?C. Where are you from?D. Are you a teacher?5. Mr. Hung is blind in one _______. A. Lip B. Eye C. Nose D. Ear6. We’re very _______ now. We don’t want any more food or drink.A. ColdB. HotC. FullD. Hungry7. We want five _______.A. Milk B. Bread C. Melons D. Cheese8. It’s a good idea to drink _______ juice between meals.A. SomeB. TheseC.anD. Any9. The boys are hot. They ________ some ice-cream.A. HateB. DislikeC. WantD. Hope10. There is a great restaurant _______ the city Bank.A. OnB. Next toC. In frontD. BetweenIII. Đọc đoạn văn sau với chọn lời giải đúng. (2.5 điểm)Cycling is the best means of transportation và exercise for three reasons. First, it is one of the safest forms of exercise. A daily bike ride will help improve your breathing (especially if you smoke) and gently increase your energy. Cycling, therefore, is suitable for people of all ages, but if you have any medical problems, kiểm tra with your doctor before you start. Besides being an excellent size of exercise, cycling allows you khổng lồ see the country as you ride your bike slowly through small quiet villages or beautiful forest paths. Cycling is also an easy, convenient and inexpensive means of transportation. Ride your xe đạp to school và you never get held up in traffic on the way! You’ll be in control, keep your teacher happy & be healthier, too.1. Riding regularly is especially good for _____ .A. SmokersB. Non-smokersC. PatientsD. The old2. Can a patient ride a bicycle?A. No, he/she canB. Yes, he/she canC. Maybe yes, but ask your doctor first.D. Yes, only once a week.3. What kinds of people are suitable for riding?A. Young peopleB. Old peopleC. People of any agesD. Children4. How many reasons are mentioned in the passage for choosing cycling?A. OneB. TwoC. ThreeD. Four5. Why should you cycle khổng lồ school?A. Because your teacher has a bicycle, tooB. Because it is easy to lớn park at school.C. Because you are never late due lớn the traffic.D. Because it is easy to lớn use.IV. Chọn lời giải đúng để hoàn thành đoạn văn sau. (2 điểm)Mai is tall và strong because she always (1) _____ sports. Her favorite thể thao is swimming. She sometimes (2) ______ aerobics. At weekends, she sometimes has a picnic or goes camping (3) _____ some friends. She never goes khổng lồ the zoo but she goes to lớn the movies (4) _____ a month. Now she (5) ______ to lớn music at home.1. A. PlaysB. DoesC. GoesD. Has2. A. PlaysB. DoesC. GoesD. Has3. A. AtB. InC. WithD. From4. A. OneB. TwiceC. Three timeD. A và B5. A. ListeningB. Is listeningC. ListensD. ListenV. Ghép câu vấn đáp ở cột B với câu hỏi ở cột A. (2 điểm)A1. What is she doing now?2. Which sports do you play?3. Does he go khổng lồ the movies in his miễn phí time?4. How often do they go camping?5. What weather does Mai like?6. What vì chưng you often vì chưng when it’s warm?7. What is he going to vì chưng tomorrow?8. How does she go to lớn school?Ba. I vì chưng aerobics and play badminton.b. By bus.c. She is cooking some beans.d. Yes, he does.e. He is going to visit his grandparents.f. Once a month.g. She likes warm weather.h. I often go sailing.