The Coca Cola Championship. For many years a place in which many Premiership teams have fallen into.

A place that has been a constant supplier of young talent. A place that for some time now has been constantly overlooked by many football supporters around the world.

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In fact, ask any football supporter worldwide, "What is the best league in the world?" và I shall guarantee that the answer will more than likely be one of either La Liga, the Premier League or Serie A.

However, for many seasons now many have noticed the amount of foreign players being bought into the Premier League. Higher wages, faster players, many more skills being demonstrated at such a high class level have now became the norm for most Premier League club supporters up & down the UK.

In no way am I slamming the foreign players that enter the Premier League. It seems that all bring a different style of play to lớn the league, a certain characteristic arriving with each nationality that graces the stadiums around the country.

The only downfall that the Premier League seems khổng lồ have since so many star players have been allowed to join clubs is the predictability of the league. Never before has the Premier League appeared to be such a two or three club race for the title.

Those who come up are always those who are most likely the ones to lớn go down, & those who can"t spend big, will most certainly never reach the dizzy heights of Chelsea or Manchester United.


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For sheer excitement value, there seems to be only one league that for this season at least, has kept me guessing who will be promoted, has kept me guessing who will be relegated, và has always baffled me when I take a look at the results coming in on a Saturday afternoon.

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The Coca Cola Championship so far this season has provided many fans with a roller-coaster ride, with clubs such as Norwich và QPR looking lượt thích relegation fodder early in the season only to lớn rise from the ashes with much renewed optimism only months later.

Clubs who have been plying their trade in the Premiership not so long ago, such as Southampton, Leicester City and Sheffield Wednesday all now scrapping it out in one of the most unpredictable relegation battles of all time.

Colchester, who are already relegated have scored more goals this season than most teams who sit at the top end of the table, something which is highly unlikely khổng lồ ever happen in a division such as the Premier League or La Liga.

Yes, vì chưng not worry. I can hear you all screaming out about the vast difference of unique of football played by the players in the Championship. The way I see it though is that the unpredictability và general excitement in the Championship this season has been greater than that of the Premier League, and long may it continue. 

The Championship has for years been a place for ex-premiership players khổng lồ go collect their final pay day, take their foot off the pedal & finish off their careers at a club that is a million miles away from your Premier League "Top four."

Nowadays it is a place in which anything can happen at any stage of the season with most players never having played in the Premier League before. 

Bristol city battling for top place, hardly a team with star studded names. Yet they continue to lớn keep up the competition with the likes of West Brom & Watford. How many teams would be promoted from the Championship & would be battling for first place in the Premier League in their first season?


The Coca Cola Championship. Not the "Best" league in the world by class of football. But certainly one of the most exciting.